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Trusted by fleet managers and operators across Plainfield, IL, TVA Repair is proudly your top-rated heavy-duty diesel repair shop. Our diesel mechanics have the understanding of what’s needed to keep heavy-duty diesel trucks in peak performance and operating safely on the road.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

We are dedicated to providing the best heavy-duty truck repair services in Plainfield, IL for our customers.

Dumitru Julea

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"I recently brought my 2022 Freightliner Cascadia in for service. I'm very happy with the service I received from TVA Repair. If you're in Plainfield, IL I highly recommend this shop."

ADL Transport

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"Great repair shop, been coming here for the last 2 years. Fair prices, knowledgeable mechanics and always fixed in timly manner as anticipated. Recommend."

Radhoo INC Dispatch

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"Great shop to do maintenance on your units."


I think this company is the best on the road Rigth now. All is very good New truck , perfect service and very young professional team

Nicola Simone
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Elpidio is one of the best employees in TVA that I have encountered. He has been very helpful and caring for me as a driver. If you’re looking into coming to TVA this is your man. Thank you brother!

Yaisel Reinoso
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The best company for drivers and owners. Great people to work with, you are part of a family/team. I would recommend it to everybody. They have a truck repair service, very professional employees Alex is one of them! I reccomend to anyone that needs repairs done on the truck or trailer.

Mihail Placinta
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I have been a CDL-A driver with full endorsements for over 2 years. I found myself forced to job hop from a few companies based on unsafe equipment, promises unmet, and some accepted company cultures of driver complacency, poor hygiene and negative unhappy work force. I have found the opposite of those unfavorable conditions. This is the job I envisioned when I decided to get my CDL License and fulfill a life long desire to drive for a living. The staff are so polite and highly intelligent. They don't act like they care but it is clear they care very much about operations, driver relationships and hometime. I am very polite, professional and positive in my personality. That is my nature. I have found a company I am proud to be a part of. I never wonder what other drivers are being paid any longer. The pay, like the company structure itself is excellent.

Gale Fox
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Our Diesel Mechanics Get You Back on the Road




Mechanic doing truck wheel alignment service at TVA repair

Repair Services

Trusted by Fleet Managers & Operators Across Plainfield, IL

Axle Repair Service in Plainfield, IL at TVA Repair

Axle Repair

The axle of your vehicle is a large bar that connects to the engine, steering system, transmission and wheels. Power is transferred to the axle and drive wheel from the engine and transmission. These components work together to make your wheels turn. Many heavy-duty trucks have multiple axles, making their service and components more complex than standard passenger vehicles. It is important to get your axle inspected and well maintained because a broken axle can cause a lot of unwanted and expensive downtime. At TVA Repair, we will fix or replace your axle with no problem.

Mechanic doing body work at TVA Repair

Body Work

Our talented team can repair most damage done to the body of your truck or trailer and restore your vehicle to a “like-new” condition. This includes replacing vehicle body parts, interior finishing and repairing or repainting any diesel truck body surfaces and replacing any vehicle glass. TVA Repair provides exceptional bodywork repairs and our technicians take pride in their work and are detail-oriented and particular. Regardless of the requirement for bodywork, our team has you covered.

Mechanic repairing brakes of a truck at TVA Repair

Brake Repair

The braking system of your heavy-duty diesel truck is assembled from a very intricate network of components, which require regular service by certified and experienced mechanics. If individual elements of your brake system wear or erode, it could result in a total failure of the entire brake system. If you need brake service, it is vital that you come and see TVA Repair immediately. This way we can identify and address any brake system problems early on.

Mechanic repairing coolant system of truck at TVA Repair

Coolant System Repair

Your heavy-duty diesel truck’s coolant system has many complex elements, which include a radiator to dissipate heat, fans to ensure adequate airflow for radiator cooling, a thermostat valve that opens when the desired operating temperature is reached, and a water pump (or coolant pump) to circulate coolant through the engine, hoses and other components. If you do not know what type of coolant system your vehicle has, bring it into our shop and we will take care of it for you.

Mechanic performing DOT Inspections in Plainfield, IL at TVA Repair

DOT Inspection

Commercial heavy-duty vehicles are required to have annual inspections known as DOT Inspections. The Department of Transportation inspection is something drivers and commercial vehicles must legally comply with if they want to stay on the road. If you are looking for a certified DOT Inspection facility, contact us at TVA Repair and we will gladly perform all of the necessary safety checks for both federal and state inspections.

Mechanic performing diesel engine diagnostics at TVA Repair

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

A vehicle’s diagnostic and electrical system is complex because it is responsible for communicating with practically every component of your vehicle. These systems are responsible for a wide host of internal vital functions like batteries, lights, antennas, radios, security systems and much more. When the communication becomes disrupted or experiences failure, it can trigger a system alert. Take these warning signs seriously. When a warning light pops up on your dash, it is indicating that there could be an issue. TVA Repair's diagnostic system will accurately find the issue and focus on only what needs fixing.

Truck Driveline Repair Service at TVA Repair

Driveline Repair

The driveline of your vehicle is the root of your truck’s control. It connects the transmission to the axles and moves your vehicle backwards and forwards. The driveline is composed of all the gears and axles required to keep your truck running up to your desire. TVA Repair is here to manage all of your necessary driveline maintenance and repair requirements.

Mechanic performing EGR & DPF cleaning & repair services at TVA Repair


The EGR and DPF systems of your diesel truck are vital components for proper engine emission control. Routine maintenance is important to confirm correct engine function and proper emission compliance. Although they do reduce emissions, a strain can be placed on your engine by these systems. The lack of regular maintenance can result in further difficulties with your truck.

Mechanic repairing truck diesel engine at TVA Repair

Engine Repair

Your diesel engine is a complex machine and identifying an issue with it may not always be easy. Once a problem with your engine is found though, it can be even more challenging to repair. If you think your engine is compromised in any way, come see us at TVA Repair and we will fix it for you. When you bring your heavy-duty diesel truck to us, you can trust that our skilled technicians will use our sophisticated diagnostic software to find the cause of your problem and come up with an appropriate repair solution.

Mechanic performing truck exhaust repair at TVA Repair

Exhaust System Repair

The exhaust system is a complicated system. Its performance is in turn affected by other vital systems in your vehicle. Exhaust systems directly affect the overall performance of your truck or trailer. Issues with your exhaust systems, such as clogged manifolds, could lead to decreased power, acceleration and fuel economy. TV Repair offers exhaust service on all models of heavy-duty diesel trucks.

Mechanic changing truck oil at TVA Repair

Express Lube

At TVA Repair we will set you up with an effective, consistent schedule to map out appropriate visits for oil and lube replenishments. Our team will guarantee that the components of your vehicle have the necessary protection to keep it running properly. If you address this situation regularly, you will keep your vehicle functioning at the top performance level.

Mechanic doing AC repair of the truck at TVA Repair

HVAC System Repair

HVAC system issues are always an added stress because you rely on them to feel comfortable in your truck. If the cab temperature is not right it can impair your ability to drive normally. TVA Repair is experienced when it comes to HVAC systems and HVAC repairs and is here to solve all of your HVAC issues.

Mechanic changing engine oil of the truck at TVA Repair

Oil & Fluid

as oil and fluid are sufficient, your vehicle components have the lubrication to work properly and ensure that you keep on trucking. Without the proper oil and fluid, your vehicle will not operate properly, which is why it is an absolute necessity for you to book regular oil and fluid maintenance. TVA Repair has the solution for all of your oil and fluid needs. Our team will professionally assess and change your oil and fluid while ensuring that the rest of your vehicle is safe and in good condition.

Truck Reefer Repair at TVA Repair

Reefer Repair

Does your refrigerated trailer need repair or maintenance? Here at TVA Repair, we offer a full suite of reefer repair and maintenance services. Whether you need fluid changes or the replacement of entire refrigeration units, you can rest assured knowing TVA Repair has your back. We pride ourselves on our efficient and effective service and have made it our goal to keep you in the shop for as little time as possible.

Mechanic repairing suspension of a truck at TVA Repair

Suspension Repair

Suspension system components are vital for control, comfort, and safety. Heavy-duty diesel truck’s suspension are subjected to wear and tear over time. Your suspension system allows your wheels to stay in even contact with the road. It enables you to drive smoothly over rough roads, potholes, and off-road terrain. The suspension system is what enables you to brake, steer, and control your vehicle safely. The talented technicians at TVA Repair Service are certified to best handle all of your suspension needs.

Mechanic repairing truck tire at TVA Repair

Tire Repair

Nobody ever wants a flat tire to be their reason for missing out on an important delivery or job. A flat tire is a major interruption to your life, your job and your daily obligations. The repair or replacement of a heavy-duty diesel truck tire can be a complicated task and it is best that operators and fleet managers rely on the assistance of a trained mechanic. At TVA Repair, we are confident that we can handle all of your tire concerns.

Heavy Duty Truck OEM Parts at TVA Repair

Heavy-Duty Truck Parts

Heavy-duty OEM Parts

Our reputation is built on providing expert service and with this comes growing our parts inventory. TVA Repair sources OEM parts from top suppliers.


Join the TVA Repair Team

When our customers come to us for help when in need of a repair, we will go above and beyond to guarantee their experience with us is a positive one. If you are passionate about customer service and want to join the TVA Repair then apply now!

Mechanic doing heavy duty truck tire repair at TVA Repair


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