6 Most Common Semi Truck Breakdowns

6 Most Common Semi Truck Breakdowns

Regardless of how well you maintain your semi-trucks, sometimes breakdowns are simply unavoidable. It’s impossible to completely remove the risk of unexpected breakdowns, but that doesn’t mean the risk cannot be lessened. On the one hand, performing preventive maintenance is a great way to prevent breakdowns from happening, whereas on the other hand, knowing about the causes that may get around this preventive maintenance regimen can be just as helpful. In this article, we’re going to discuss the 6 most common semi truck breakdowns. Ranging from preventable issues to unfortunate occurrences to take note of, our guide has you covered. 

1. Age and Usage Related Issues

Old trucks are known to breakdown simply due to old age and excess usage. This is by far one of the more common breakdown types for this particular causal factor can have cause a wide array of breakdowns. For example, an older truck is more likely to have an electrical system short out, or a component overheat. 

Even though this one seems apparent, it ought to be mentioned. Even if a truck is well-built, years of use on the road are likely to impact how well it performs. Even though your older truck seemed to be in acceptable working order the day before, there is a considerable risk that it may suddenly break down one day. You must stay on top of all the routine maintenance that needs to be done on your truck to make this as improbable as possible. The likelihood of having to make catastrophic repairs in the future decreases as you do more maintenance. 

2. Ignition System Failure 

Your ignition system is what starts your truck, and parts of it are what keep you going. Something as simple as a dead battery can prevent your truck from starting, and a worn alternator can cause you to break down in the middle of a trip. Nevertheless, you will often be given warning indicators if this is the case. One example is that your battery could have trouble starting up or your lights might flicker while your truck is idling. Drivers of semi-trucks in colder areas may find that their trucks are much more susceptible to battery failure. Although most batteries have a lifetime of three to five years, if the battery is often forced to operate in cold temperatures, its lifespan may be significantly reduced.

3. Tire Failure 

Despite popular belief, tire-related concerns may be the most common issue faced by semi-truck drivers. This is particularly true if your truck's tires haven't had enough care. A flat tire is not a significant concern on a typical truck and is often repaired by the truck's owner on the side of a highway. On a semi-truck, it is, however, a whole different concern. A semi-even truck's one flat tire may delay a truck driver and cause them to be hours behind schedule, and they are the main reason why truck drivers have road failures.

Regular tire checks are the most effective method way of stopping a tire accident from occurring. Your neighborhood truck repair shop may help you if you're not confident doing this by yourself. They are great at ensuring your tires are correctly aligned and fully inflated before each journey.

4. Engine Issues 

Older diesel engine versions are more prone to engine problems. This is because engines may quickly get overworked and fail if they do not have the appropriate regular maintenance. Driving a more recent semi-truck, you should be less likely to have engine failure. Getting less fuel economy than usual and being unable to drive your truck at the same speeds as before are both symptoms of a malfunctioning engine.

5. Brake System Issues

Of course, brakes are often considered to be the most important part of a semi-truck. After all, if you can’t bring your truck to a stop reliably, you and everyone else on the road are going to have big problems. This is particularly true for semi-trucks because of their size and weight. It is a serious issue when a semi-brake truck fails since it may lead to catastrophic collisions that endanger you and the other drivers on the road.

6. Electrical Issues 

Electrical problems of any magnitude may result in significant downtime. It's not always simple to see electrical issues before they become an issue. However, you will not be able to get these electrical problems addressed independently. It would help if you considered working with an expert to handle electrical issues. 

Final Words

Maintaining your semi-truck on a regular basis is the best way to prevent unexpected breakdown. However, in the cases where it can be unavoidable, drivers and fleet managers may benefit from knowing which breakdown types are the most common. That way they can come up with contingency plans to lessen downtime and get their trucks back on the road.