Tips For Buying A Battery For Your Semi-Truck

Tips For Buying A Battery For Your Semi-Truck

The operation and upkeep of a semi-truck may be pretty demanding. There are regular maintenance schedules to follow, unforeseen issues that need to be fixed, and the ongoing need to keep costs down. With so much to consider, it's critical to get a durable and dependable battery for your semi-truck to power your vehicle and all of its capabilities and prevent long-term issues.

Your semi-truck will be able to operate better for longer without experiencing any expensive downtime with the correct batteries. The following five suggestions will help you choose the ideal battery for your semi-truck:

Understand what the correct battery for your truck is 

Every battery has a varied internal resistance, and various battery technologies are created for different vehicles. If flooded, the truck's lower resistance batteries will have to work much harder to function. Confusion, downtime, jump starts, and other general issues with your vehicle may come from this.

Your vehicle may experience various problems if you use the incorrect battery. For instance, utilizing a battery with too few cold cranking amps (CCA) at 0°C may cause the engine not to start correctly. Additionally, when a new battery is combined with an old battery, the new battery's capacity is reduced to that of the old battery. The best action is to inquire about battery alternatives while having your semi-truck repaired. We will always provide an impartial assessment for the best option for your circumstances.

Take a look at the battery capacity 

Any truck battery's reserve capacity is measured in the number of minutes it can consistently produce 25 amps of power at 26°C before being down charged to 10.5 volts. If your semi-truck has lots of equipment that all demand battery power, choosing a truck battery with a bigger reserve capacity is advantageous. A battery with a bigger reserve capacity can help keep your vehicle on the road without a dead battery, whether you have a winch, auxiliary or off-road lighting, or an updated audio system.

Identify your maintenance requirements

Conventional flooded lead acid batteries require routine maintenance, watering, and equalizing. If done infrequently, this may be tiresome, time-consuming, and even result in battery problems.

AGM batteries that use Thin Plate Pure Lead technology benefit from reduced self-discharge rates. The battery life is much longer. An AGM battery typically lasts for two years before needing to be recharged, three times longer than a lead acid battery. You may save time and money using AGM batteries since they recharge quickly. Additionally, they are designed for 400 charge/recharge cycles at an 80% depth of discharge. Fewer appointments for semi-truck repairs equals more time for driving!

Determine your requirements for safety

Lead and sulfuric acid are the main chemical components of almost all battery types. Because of this, it's crucial to follow the instructions in the user's handbook while using semi-truck batteries to prevent harm to you and the battery. The sealed casing in Absorbed Glass Matt batteries minimizes acid spillage, giving them one benefit over conventional flooded batteries.

Find out how much electricity your vehicle needs

Several different battery types are available for fleets, with flooded lead acid and sealed Absorbed Glass Matt being the most popular (AGM). Different batteries will work better or worse, depending on the kind of vehicle you drive. Flooded lead-acid batteries work well for day cabs, dump trucks, and other comparable vehicles that need a strong starting power and little cycling. These batteries will need to be serviced, watered, and equalized regularly. Batteries made of absorbed glass matte are a better option for modern vehicles with more frequent battery cycling because they provide superior cycling and battery output. Advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead technology from AGM batteries is excellent for commercial applications, and this is due to the technology's ability to provide greater power at faster cranking rates. Our staff can advise you on the kind of power your engine requires when you come in for your semi-truck maintenance.

Final words

If you can adhere to these tips, you can find the correct battery for your truck. It will help you cater to all the truck's power requirements, and you can ensure that you will not get stranded on the side of the road.