6 Tips on Finding the Best Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Shop

6 Tips on Finding the Best Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Shop

An effective heavy-duty truck repair shop might make the difference between a successful fleet operation and one that loses thousands on truck maintenance annually. If a fleet is unable to complete runs due to breakdowns it won’t be long until their customers turn to competitors for service.  However, selecting a diesel repair shop to oversee fleet service management is still difficult, especially for those who have been in the logistics industry for some time. Here are six suggestions for locating a company that offers heavy-duty truck maintenance that will keep your fleet operational.

1. Ask for recommendations 

Most mechanics in this profession rely heavily on word of mouth. Find out where other businesses send their trucks for maintenance by asking around. Gather a few names, then check them online to see what others say. This will offer you a solid overall image of who provides overall quality workmanship and customer service. Make a note of people you should avoid using while investigating. Your fleet depends too much on your heavy-duty trucks to take a chance with an amateur shop. 

Additionally, it never hurts to request references directly from the repair shop. You can make a better selection if you get a review from someone who has utilized their services. 

2. Check how convenient it is for you to get the services 

If you require emergency repairs, you'll probably need to contact your mechanic at unusual hours. If you can locate someone near to where your company is, it will be simpler for everyone. Another perk is if the shop provides roadside assistance or mobile repair. It means that you will be able to call the technician you usually trust if anything unexpected occurs on the road and never have to worry about taking a risk on an unproven service provider.  Mobile repair also allows you to book services around your fleet’s scheduled downtime. 

Roadside assistance and mobile repairs are often helpful, and you could also need towing services, aftermarket components, and expert knowledge. Find a firm that does refrigeration maintenance if you move goods in climate-controlled trailers. Some shops may even have welders on staff for body repair in case of collision damage. Suppose you can locate a business that provides a variety of services. In that case, you will have the security of dealing with a one-stop shop you are confident has the knowledge and expertise you need to continue operations. 

3. Take a look at the experience 

Make sure to weigh the experience of the shop’s technicians before making your selection since this is an investment in your company. Examine each shop's certificates, accreditations, and experience. Find out more about the training and certification process for mechanics so you can choose who has the training and expertise to maintain the performance of your trucks. Quality service may initially cost more, but you will make up for it in profits and peace of mind. 

4. Check if the shop offers any warranty 

Inquire about work guarantees and parts warranties since components and labor are sometimes pricey. A reputable heavy-duty truck repair shop will correct or replace parts under warranty without charging you more. Any shop that doesn't give guarantees should be avoided since you could end up having to pay more to have poor workmanship repaired. 

Some repair facilities provide guarantees for their work. Before any repairs, be careful to find out what is covered and for how long. If a problem develops and you suspect it could be connected to the repairs you had made, they might be covered so you won't lose any more money. 

5. What are their areas of expertise? 

While many shops provide essential services for many different truck types, others specialize in specific fields, such as foreign trucks. Ask if any mechanics in the shop can do the repair if you believe your truck needs specialist services. 

6. Don't ignore the cost 

When picking a heavy-duty diesel repair shop, price is often a key consideration, so be sure to obtain estimates for all work being suggested. If you've done some comparison shopping, you could discover two shops that provide comparable services, but one price less for labor per hour. It is better if you can ask for a quote before obtaining the service, and then you are aware of the amount you have to spend before you go ahead and get the service. 

Final words 

Most fleet managers don’t consider looking for a new repair shop for their trucks to be enjoyable. Cost, experience, specialty, and other factors should be considered. Consider these six crucial elements before deciding on a particular heavy-duty diesel repair shop. This will eventually help you get top-notch experience repairing and maintaining your fleet.